St Margaret’s Well

St Margaret’s holy well was once a place of pilgrimage due to the healing power of its medicinal waters. Originally located in the Restalrig area close to the present day east coast mainline, the site was due to be partly built over by the construction of St Margaret’s railway sheds during the mid 19th century. Due to its historical significance the stones were carefully dismantled and moved to their present site in the Queen’s Park.

Murder Houses of Edinburgh

Jan Bondeson’s latest book “Murder Houses of Edinburgh” contains six sections documenting the murders which took place in the Old and New Towns, Leith and Portobello from the assassination of David Rizzio to the crimes committed since the beginning of the 21st century. The accounts are not only written in an easy to follow style, they are also packed with facts. Signed copies of the book can be obtained at Edinburgh Books at the West Port. The bookshop is situated not far from the area where Burke and Hare murdered their unfortunate victims. A painting, print and postcard collector, Jan’s books are guaranteed to contain illustrations and photographs conjuring up the atmosphere of the particular period when the ghastly crimes were carried out. 

Wullie Lamb

Street musician William Lamb was convicted of murdering his wife in their lodgings not long after the end of the First World War. The couple stayed at number eighty eight Candlemaker Row next to Greyfriars kirkyard burial gate. The story is told in Jan Bondeson’s new book “Murder Houses of Edinburgh”. Signed copies of Jan’s book are available from Edinburgh Books at the West Port not far from the scene of the murder. A newspaper review of the book can be found on: