Waxworks 2

The second article on the history of the city’s waxwork museums by Jan Bondeson for the “Edinburgh Evening News” and the “Scotsman” can be found on https://www.scotsman.com/news/people/waxworks-part-2-conjoined-twins-a-half-man-half-elephant-and-a-giant-schoolboy-early-edinburgh-waxworks-brought-freak-shows-to-royal-mile-3175936?amp


Jan Bondeson has written an article for the “Edinburgh Evening News” and the “Scotsman” on the capital’s waxwork museums including the Grand Historical Galleries of Waxworks and Museum at 11 South Bridge. https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/people/from-madame-tussaud-to-chambers-of-horrors-waxworks-and-edinburgh-share-a-long-and-dark-association-3175924


A new political party has been founded in Edinburgh. Alba has been formed to campaign for an independent Scotland. The website’s cover page has been photographed from the same angle as the painting of the Scottish Volunteer Review which took place in the Queen’s Park in 1860. albaparty.org


Fifty spaces are now available for each Sunday service at Greyfriars. Bookings close when the spaces are filled or three hours before the service begins (whichever comes first). On Easter Day two services will be held. The first at 9.30am and a more or less identical service at 11am. More information and frequently asked questions […]