Dr Lee and Greyfriars Bobby

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Greyfriars Bobby Day is held annually on January 14th at the little dog’s headstone in Greyfriars Kirkyard. Edinburgh, Scotland UK. As the terrier went for his dinner when the time gun fired from the Half Moon Battery at Edinburgh Castle, the ceremony normally starts with the firing of the One o’ clock Gun. As the time gun does not fire on a Sunday, this year’s ceremony will begin at 1.30 following the morning sermon in the church. 2018 marks the 150th anniversary of the death of Dr Robert Lee the minister of Old Greyfriars. As Dr Lee was chaplain to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert when
they came to Scotland on frequent visits, he would have kept the royal couple informed on the little dog’s welfare. A bust of Dr Lee can be seen inside the church on the north wall above the burial door. Dr Lee was responsible for installing the beautiful stained glass windows in the building where the National Covenant was signed, transformng the
interior. John MacLeod’s painting of the terrier sitting in a kennel can be seen in the visitors’ centre. When you arrive in Edinburgh, head for Greyfriars which Sir Walter Scott described as ‘Scotland’s Westminster’.

Vladivostok Gun

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The tradition of firing a time signal resumed in Vladivostok in 1970 when the shot was fired from a 100mm field gun on ‘Tiger Hill’. The time signal continued until 1996. Since 1997 the signal was fired by a 45mm signalling cannon on the battery ‘With No Name’ until 2008 when it became difficult to obtain the charges. The tradition was resumed on 12th June 2016 which marks Russia Day. Information on the Vladivostok time gun can be seen