Dr Henry Littlejohn

Edinburgh World Heritage is delighted to welcome Richard Rodger, Professor of Economic and Social History at the University of Edinburgh, and co-author of ‘Insanitary City: Henry Littlejohn and the Condition of Edinburgh.’Victorian Edinburgh was a melting pot of industry and people. The industrial revolution created new work, attracting migrants searching for a better life. The reality […]

Argyle Tower

The illustration shows the Argyle Tower at Edinburgh Castle. Master Gunner Findlay intended to use one of the twelve-pounders standing on the Argyle Battery to fire the daily time signal. He changed his mind and decided to use the twenty-four pounder standing on the Half Moon Battery. The illustration appears in “Phillimore’s Edinburgh” by Jan […]

Jan Bondeson

Jan Bondeson has written an article on R.P. Phillimore the postcard artist for the “East Lothian Courier”. The photograph which appears in Jan’s book “R.P. Phillimore’s East Lothian” shows the house where the artist lived. https://www.eastlothiancourier.com/news/19219424.dr-jan-bondeson-north-berwick-time-r-p-phillimore/