The painting by Robert Sanderson shows a drill parade on the Castle esplanade. The painting is part of the City Art Centre collection. The artist also painted a portrait of Greyfriars Bobby which is owned privately. Painters, past and present, have depicted Edinburgh in countless different ways as both a backdrop and as the subject […]


The collective name “Waverley”, after the Waverley Novels by Sir Walter was used for the three stations from around 1854 when the through ‘Waverley’ route to Carlisle opened. In 1868 the North British Railway acquired the stations of its rivals, demolished all three. Canal Street station was also known as Edinburgh Princes Street not to […]

3 stations

The North Bridge station was opened in 1846 by the North British Railway Company as the terminus for traffic coming from Berwick – upon-Tweed. The General station run by the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway Company opened the following year. The Canal Street station run by the Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway Company opened on the […]