The Eighty Seven

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Although Hamilton & Inches of George Street’s 150th anniversary took place in 2016, the company has produced a new watch to mark the occasion. Founded in 1866 by Robert Kirk Inches and his uncle James Hamilton, the company was granted the warrant as ‘His Majesty’s Clockmaker and Keeper and Dresser of His Majesty’s Clocks, Watches and Pendulums in Palaces and
Houses in his Ancient Kingdom of Scotland.’ The company continues to supply clocks and watches to royalty and the Admiralty today. The current warrant is ‘Silversmiths and Clock Specialists to Her Majesty The Queen.’ The Eighty Seven has a signature H&I dial with sapphire crystal and alligator strap in a wide variety of colours and a brushed and polished stainless steel case. The parts used in creating the new wristwatch were sourced by Ian Malone the company’s watch technician. The wristwatch is assembled and tested by the Edinburgh company in their workshop. image credit Hamilton & Inches.