Joseph Noel Paton

Born in Wooers’ Alley Cottage, Dunfermline in 1821 artist Joseph Noel Paton joined the ‘Smashers Club’ which was formed in Edinburgh in 1848. The sketching club’s president was John Ballantyne. The members included James Archer, William Crawford, John and Tom Faed and William Fettes Douglas. In 1859 the artists decided to form the 1st Edinburgh City
Artillery Volunteers No. 1 Battery. Noel Paton RSA was appointed captain and John Faed first lieutenant. James Archer who was appointed second lieutenant was responsible for the administration of the battery. Supervised by Master Gunner Findlay who was responsible for maintaining and firing the One o’ clock Gun, the part-time gunners used the twelve pounders on the Argyle Battery at Edinburgh Castle to practice artillery drill. image credit Wikimedia Commons